Kronenbourg Red Cross Lager 250 ml x 26

Kronenbourg Red Cross 4,2 är en specialutgåva som är svår att få tag på. Naturligtvis har vi på QBN hittat just denna lilla enhörning som nu finns tillgänglig för våra restaurangkunder!

In 1649, Geronimus Hatt obtained his master brewer certificate. Fifteen years later in 1664, he then opened up his first brewery, Brasserie du Canon, in Strasbourg. Just under 200 years later, the brewery relocated to the village of Cronenbourg, to the west of Strasbourg, because of a consistent flooding problem in its original location.

Strisselspalt hops were used in the creation of the lager for the first time in 1885. This ingredient native to the Alsace region of France has been used in the creation of the beer ever since.

In 1922, the Hatt Brewery changed its name to Tigre Brock. The name then changed again to Kronenbourg after the Second World War.

By 1952, the beer now known as Kronenbourg 1664 was launched by Brasseries Kronenbourg to celebrate founder Geronimus Hatt. It was sold in France and imported to Britain in time for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. After its launch in Britain, it was exported to 68 other countries.

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