Opthimus XO

Extra Premium rum -summa cum laude - from Oliver & Oliver, aged 27 - 30 years in oak barrels, bottle 700ml.

Ron Opthimus XO is a highly aromatic noble rum from Oliver & Oliver. Powerful, complex, very harmonious and elegant. Reddish tones sparkle in its dark shiny color. Its pleasant bouquet is very intense and refined.
On the palate, it is unsurpassed by its characteristic, powerful and comprehensive character. A remarkable premium rum, which for many rum connoisseurs is one of the best in the world.
The Oliver family relocated rum production during the Cuban Revolutionary War, to the Dominican Republic.
Oliver & Oliver had already earned an excellent reputation in rum production during colonial times.
During the struggle for independence in 1895, the supplies of the Oliver family were destroyed and the rum production had to be stopped temporarily.
After the family had emigrated for the most part from Cuba, a descendant of the family returned in the 1980s
Company founder Juanillo Oliver back to Cuba, where he found various documents for making rum and decided to
resume rum production - but this time for political reasons in the Dominican Republic, Cuba is most similar geographically and topographically.
Chemists and engineers were hired to build the new distillery.
Due to the optimal climate on site, Oliver & Oliver can produce their traditional rum in the usual quality.
The Cubaney Selecto, already one of the world s best rums, was 18 years old and had soon re-established its excellent reputation.

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