Pusser's Deptford Dockyard Reserve

Denna unika upplaga av Pusser's lanseras i mycket begränsad upplaga på Systembiolaget den 16:e augusti och till ett fåtal utvalda rombarer i Sverige. 

A limited edition release from Pusser's, Deptford Dockyard Reserve commemorates the 52nd anniversary of Black Tot Day in 2022. Combining a blend of aged Caribbean rums from Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, and Jamaica, it's bottled up at 54.5% ABV - the same strength that bulk underproof rum was historically stored, at the Navy's rum warehouses in Deptford Dockyard. Hugely characterful, with layers of estery fruit, molasses and oak, this is a superb way to celebrate the rum-filled history of the Royal Navy!

959,00 kr