Ron Unhiq

Premium brown rum from Oliver & Oliver, stored for up to 25 years in selected barrels, bottle 500ml.

Sweet as caramel, tastes a bit like sherry and dried fruits.

Elegant presentation.

UNHIQ XO is an extraordinary creation of the renowned distillery Oliver and Oliver.

A top-quality product, which is processed from the eye-catching bottle to the precious contents very carefully and elaborately and promises moments full of enjoyment.

The Solera process is a combination of the most exclusive, up to 25-year-old rum distillate.

He has a nice dark mahogany-like color and a pleasant sweetish
Scent with notes of vanilla, caramel, chocolate, sherry and dried fruit.

Its taste is surprisingly round and soft, warm, fruity, spicy, with one
long-lasting finish. This noble rum with an excellent quality and
unmistakable character is a must for any rum lover.

998,00 kr