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Introducing Quality Beverage Network, a pioneering entity dedicated to the craft of premium spirits. Established in 2016 by Martin Escudero Magnusson, a venerable luminary boasting over two decades of esteemed presence in the spirits realm.

Comprising a team of fervent and committed connoisseurs, we at Quality Beverage Network are steadfast in our endeavor to provide unparalleled premium spirits to the discerning Nordic market. Our overarching objective is to spearhead a paradigm shift within the spirits industry, fostering innovative perspectives and approaches.

Functioning as an importer, brand curator, distributor, and wholesaler, we adeptly orchestrate seamless integration across these domains, ensuring a continuum of excellence and reliability throughout the logistical spectrum. Revered by our esteemed clientele within the hospitality sector as the epitome of efficiency, we take immense pride in being their quintessential purveyor of premium spirits.


At Quality Beverage Network, our collaboration with the Swedish retail monopoly, Systembolaget, stands as a cornerstone of our operations. Through weekly supplies to stores nationwide, we ensure an extensive reach to every Swedish consumer. Operating from our dedicated warehouse and logistical centre situated in Bromma, Stockholm, we orchestrate seamless distribution across the nation.

Moreover, we extend a warm invitation to enthusiasts and aficionados alike to explore the immersive world of our esteemed brands at our showroom located at Upplandsgatan 9 in central Stockholm. Here, patrons, including our valued bartender clientele, are invited to partake in tastings, unleash their creativity, and immerse themselves in the art of mixology, with the aspiration of crafting tomorrow's iconic cocktails.


At Quality Beverage Network, our core values revolve around fostering a culture of safety, growth, and development for our dedicated team members. We prioritize the well-being and professional advancement of our employees, encouraging ongoing education through courses and lectures, and promoting a responsible and informed approach towards alcoholic beverages.

Sustainability is integral to our operational ethos, and we take pride in our certification as an organic company by KIWA (SE-EKO-01). Embracing the ethos of environmental stewardship, our logistics department is committed to the initiative "re-use whatever you can," ensuring the proper and hygienic reutilisation of packaging materials, thereby minimising waste and supporting a sustainable future.