Quality Beverage Network is the sole restaurant wholesaler in Sweden that provides premium spirits. We offer a wide and extensive range of products within each category, thereby providing a comprehensive 'one-stop shop' for restaurants and bars. Our services are characterized by a customer-centric approach, and we actively work with our clients to develop their spirit shelf, with a focus on quality and upselling for cocktails.

Our restaurant clients have their own price list, which is available for download by clicking here or below. You may conveniently place your order on our webshop or by sending us an email at

Additionally, we have established partnerships with notable organizations such as Martin & Servera, Menigo, and Svensk Cater, allowing our customers to shop through our associates' networks.


The process of becoming our esteemed customer is a seamless and straightforward one. To get started, kindly complete the registration form provided here below, after which you will be able to place your first order.

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