Pastis des Terres Rouges

Pastis des Terres Rouges is more complex than most, with flavours that are reminiscent of the older styles, light with the anise, but enriched with subtle flavors of plants and spices. Wherever you are, it will make you think of islands, beaches and pristine blue seas. HOW TO DRINK IT? The French usually drink it with ice and lots of cold water (1 part Pastis, to 5/6 parts water). The color becomes clear-yellow. WHEN TO DRINK IT? Anytime you want to relax by the Meditterranean with a long drink and olives, snacks or appetizers. Pastis is an excellent digestive on the rocks after meal. COOKING WITH PASTIS? Absolutely. For fish : add to creamy sauce for mullet, sole or white fish; brush on before grilling; pour and light as a flaming sauce. It is superb added lightly to mussels or scallops, but it's the ultimate sauce for lobsters! 700ml, 45% ABV

395.00 kr