Ron Escudero Reserva

Back in the bustling hay days of the 1950-ies Havana was the hotspot for all sorts of celebrities, artists and writers such as Ernest Hemmingway. During this period Victoria Escudero, a bar owner of a small bar in Havana, used to serve rum to her guests with a pinch of sugar that she stirred to dilute, similar to an Old Fashioned cocktail. This custom made people coming back to her bar called "Bar Victoria" or "La Bodeguita" as the neighbors used to call it. Victoria was the grandmother of Martin Escudero Magnusson, founder of QBN Beverages. This rum is a classic Cuban molasses based rum, distilled in the typical expression of the central parts of the island. From this area the rum is often referred to as being of a slightly sweeter style. The rum is aged in accordance with the Cuban legislation which means a double ageing process. This means that at first an aguardiente that comes of the column still at about 75% has to be aged for an initial period of at least two years in used white oak barrels. After this initial ageing the rum is than charcoal filtered a process often referred to as Carta Blanca. After filtration the spirit is blended with higher proof cane spirit called redistilled. This blend is then made of an aged and filtered spirit a new make spirit. This is done to emphasize the hallmark of Cuban rum which is a light and balanced style. This blend is then aged in white oak barrels for five more years before being considered to be ready by the Maestro Ronero. The rum is then bottled at the QBN Bev facilities in Stockholm, Sweden.

398.00 kr