Santisima 15 Year old


  • Color: Noted for its amber dark thanks to the long period of aging in wood.
  • Flavour: Fruity aromas with hints of coconut and vanilla. delicately wrapped notes: cream, chocolate, caramel; wood and nuts such as walnut and hazelnut is also perceived.
  • Taste: It is fruity, feels creamy on the palate, ripe plum and leather also perceived; It has long end.

PRODUCER: Tecnoazucar Cuba.


DETAILS OF THE PREPARATION: Ron Santisima Trinidad 15 Years is an exclusive Ron Añejo Cubano, achieved for your enjoyment from the hands of teachers Excellencies Roneros of Cuba. It is a rum produced in the traditional way. It is distilled and aged the early years in the tropical climate in which it is conceived in ex-bourbon barrels.

ALCOHOL: 40.7%

698.00 kr