Cles des Ducs 18 ans

This is the 18 year old Armagnac in the range.

The Cles des Ducs cellars are located in the village of Panjas, in the heart of the Gers. The cellar master Jérome Zadro has taken over from Philippe Lézama who has passed on his savoir-faire and years of experience after holding the position for 35 years.

"Throughout the years, Cles des Ducs has preserved the specific character of the Armagnacs."

These are some of its distinctive characteristics:

  • CDD's Armagnac is mostly made using the Ugni Blanc grape.
  • CDD's Armagnacs have very little wood influence
  • After the distillation, the cellar master prefers to use barrels that have had a light to medium toasting.
  • The ageing in new barrels is limited to just three to four months in order to limit the wood intake.
  • The blends are well over the minimum legal limits required by the BNIA(The Bureau National Interprofessionel de l'Armagnac).
  • The terroir spreads over the villages of Panjas, Maupas and Estang, known for their tawny sands.
  • We use a single formulation, in different proportions, in 8, 12, 18 and 21 ans.
  • The brand's priority is highlighting the fruit in the eaux-de-vie, with aromas from the ageing.
529,00 kr