Le Tribute Olive Lemonade

Natural Ingredients

Natural lemon juice. After peeling the lemons and saving their peel to macerate and distill it, we extract their juice as base of our lemonade.

Olives and lemon peel. We distill the lemon peels in water with a small amount of olives to extract their oils and aromas and give the drink its subtle but unmistakable olive touch.

Seawater. We add a touch of seawater to enhance both the flavours of the olives and the lemons.

Production Process

Demineralised and flavourless water. We extract the water from a spring in our own distillery through a process of reverse osmosis, which guarantees the highest level of purity.

Fizz. The smooth and long-lasting fizz is created by gentle and integrated carbonisation, and by the liquid being chilled to 2ºC prior to being bottled.

399,00 kr