Rutte Dutch Dry Gin

Ruttes Master Distiller heter Myriam Hendrickx och är 8:e generationen av en lång rad av destillatörer.

A modern advancement of the much awarded Celery Gin.
From the very beginning Simon Rutte and his sons experimented with unique botanicals, herbs and spices.
The Dutch Dry has organic botanicals, like cardamom and celery. Some may mistake it with salad celery, but it is a different plant, that adds a distinctive crisp quality to this unique gin.

Also fresh, hand peeled orange zest is distilled, which is unique in the gin world.


Juniper, celery leaf, coriander seed, angelica, hand peeled orange zest, cardamom; all organic.


Slight notes of mint, parsley and celery. A little aniseed makes for a spicy and fresh dash and a refreshing gin&tonic.


Rutte has been making gin since before the twenties of last century. It started with Old Tom gin in 1918. Soon after came Dry Gin; distilled with celery; a botanical that's been in our genes for over 100 years.

449,00 kr