Scandinavian distribution

The power of co-loading

Nothern Europe as a region

We offer our brands the opportunity to be launced on upto 4 different markets in the Scandinavian region, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The launch plan is carefully discussed with each brand and we can easily adapt the coverage of the region, from just 1 country upto 4 countries, all depending on the distribution need for each brand. 

All orders are shipped to our own warehouse in Stockholm that we operate ourselves and from there distributed to each market. Stockholm is also geografically locaded in the center of the Region, which makes it perfect as logistical hub for the Scandinavian region!

In Sweden our brands are distributed by Systembolaget to all 450 retail stores. We also have a very strong presence on the ontrade, with all the mayor wholesalers as clients. To provide the best service all our clients we also deliver directly to restaurants and bars from our warehouse.

Denmark is a vibrant market and has a strong rum- and gin market. Sprit & Co carry many high profile brands and are strong with both on- and off trade premises.

MK Spirits operates on the finnish and norwegian markets and cover all the 470 monopoly stores of Alko in Finland and the 335 stores of Vinmonopolet in Norway.